Who We Serve

Whether you are an individual using PTX Therapy online or in clinic, OR a PTX Therapist utilizing our technology platform to better serve your clients, OR a company providing our service for all of your employees – WE SERVE YOU! Individuals PTX Therapy™ provides direct-to-consumer programs via any computer or mobile device. The Virtual Therapist continually follows up with individuals, providing progress reports and new therapy routines. Pain is no respecter of persons; regardless of age, race, or any socioeconomic class, pain can affect you. PTX is quite literally a 24/7 therapist for pain relief, better mobility, and a stronger more functional you – no matter who you are or where you are in the world! Therapists PTX Therapy™ has built the most advanced platform on the market for therapists to create custom therapy routines and follow up with clients electronically via any computer or mobile device. With a database of nearly 1,000 Postural Therapy and Strength exercises, the videos, 3D imaging, Virtual Therapy Assistant, other educational and multimedia tools are invaluable to both therapists and clients. Companies PTX Therapy™ has the world’s only virtual therapy program available to lower the #1 cost to corporations worldwide - that is, musculoskeletal costs. The PTX technology has been tested for several years including in the marketplace of Fortune 500 companies. Direct medical expenses (meds, MD visits, surgeries, etc), and indirect expenses (absenteeism, decreased productivity, etc.) have been proven to be greatly reduced using the virtual therapist technology. THANK YOU FOR LETTING US SERVE YOU!